Free Nagi Chips

What MEN are you? 

That’s the current tagline of Ramen Nagi,  as they feature their Limited Kings: Tonkatsumen and Tsukemen. I went to their UPTC branch earlier, because, cravings 😋

This is my second visit to Ramen Nagi,  and the first time was at SM North EDSA where I ordered their Original Butao. I fell in love with their ramen immediately. 


I could remember that their ramen can be customized,  but not this time since I ordered their Tonkatsumen,  which is a Tsukemen with a Tonkatsu on top. 

My order came in less than 10 minutes.


So far,  Ramen Nagi has the most generous amount of Tsukemen as compared to other ramen joints I’ve been to. I immediately got full because the tonkatsu is huge and the bowl contains also lots of noodles. The noodles has the right firmness and it goes well with the tsukemen soup base though it is not too thick as compared to others. But,  I appreciate the taste of the soup because it’s not salty. Mendokoro and Mitsuyado’s tsukemen soup were saltier compared to this. 

Anyways,  I was able to get free Nagi Chips. Yey. 

Ramen Nagi has been one of the most famous ramen joints here in the country. And one of my favorites too. 😊


Museum kind of a date

It was just last month when I and J celebrated our 4th year together (YAY *confetti*). But since we had this “tight” budget and a limited schedule, we didn’t afford to go somewhere out of town just like what we did last year [CLICK]. Instead, J suggested to just go on a museum hopping, since he had a great time at National Museum months ago.

One museum that popped out of my mind was Pinto Art Museum at Antipolo, Rizal. But suddenly, the idea of going to National Planetarium came since they offer FREE Admission for the whole month of APRIL 2017.


Oh the nostalgia! I even had a picture together with my classmates when I was in Kinder, right at that same facade. HAHA

We watched their first show which is the ‘A Planet for Goldilocks”. It is all about the search for other planets in the galaxy which has almost the same characteristics with our Planet earth.


The room was not filled but we watched the show together with the toddlers. HAHA

Unfortunately, cellphones and other gadgets are not allowed inside the Planetarium.


we really did enjoyed our first Planetarium experience together. If only we had extra time, we would have watched the next show.

GOOD NEWS! Their free admission is extended until May 31!! More info HERE.

We went to San Juan for our lunch. See previous post.

After our lunch, we went straight to Starmall Shaw Blvd and rode a UV Express bound to Antipolo. We disembarked at Ynares Center and rode a trike going to the museum.


Actually, I’m not an artsy-fartsy type of person, but I  knew that Pinto Art Museum has a lot to offer so we were very excited. Look at the feels of nature…


With these rustic and classy environment, this Museum is perfect also for….PHOTO SHOOTS!!! :))


Of course, we also have couple photos HAHA.

Thanks for the two Ilokana Girls who took these hahaha.

And more selfies and self timer portraits :))


Pagbigyan nyo na, anniversary naman namin. HAHAHA

Pinto Art Museum is really the perfect spot for anyone who appreciates art and nature.


For more info about Pinto Art Museum, you could visit their Official FB page

Thank you, Pinto Art Museum!


Thanks also J for this one of a kind adventure! Till our next date :*


7Flavors of Chef Boy Logro

Last Friday, me and J had our post-anniversary celebration. Our initial plan is to have our lunch at a Korean Buffet at San Juan but unfortunately, it was fully booked already the time J called them. Next option was to go to Guevarra’s but unfortunately, they were already full for lunch because of the large groups came before us. Their staff told us that there was no assurance as to what time are we going to be seated. Sad.

I then checked my Zomato App and looked for another decent place to dine. I noticed 7Flavors offers Lunch Buffet so we headed there from P. Guevarra to A. Mabini, under the scorching heat of the sun.



Chef Boy Logro welcomed us (haha!) and then I just realized that he has his own restaurant around the area. I didn’t expect that. I find it funny because we just went to a restaurant owned by a Celebrity chef and now, another restaurant owned by a celebrity chef as well.

By the way, 7Flavors meant as  7 different flavors: spicy, sweet, salty, bitter, sour, mint, & astringent. (and I just googled the astringent taste LOL). Let’s see if we could taste all those 7 flavors 🙂

As we arrived at the resto, it seems like they’re not yet opened because there were no customers then. We approached one of their staff and he assisted us upstairs where the Buffet area is situated.


The buffet area was almost early maybe because we arrived here at around 11 am. we saw some lolo and lola’s eating so we headed immediately to the buffet table.


The taco section caught my attention immediately!!!! XD but, I started my meal with their rich tomato soup


Tomato soup has it’s right thickness and the taste is just right. I like the burst of its umami plus the tanginess of the tomato.


Next was their Taco! What I love about their tacos is you can customize your own. Good job for that 🙂

Next for the entrees.


Sisig Tofu


Chicken Cacciatore


Seafood ala Pobre




Tonkatsu and Buffalo chicken


Roast Beef

All their entrees’ were delicious but not too exceptional except for my favorites:

  • Sisig Tofu – this is BOMB DIGGZ!!! This is my most favorite of all!!
  • Buffalo Chicken – it has the right amount of spiciness and tanginess.
  • Irish Stew (no photo) – the beef pieces are very tender and the sauce is creamy and not too oily.
  • Pancit Bihon (no photo) –  I was surprised with this one. I am really particular when it comes to pancit, but theirs really stole my heart. ❤

my first plate.

Sadly, their limited sushi/maki were meh.

They also have their dessert section which includes Halo-Halo station and this:


I just tasted their Mango Tapioca and their Pana cottas. Both Mango and Blueberry Pana Cotta were meh too. It’s too chewy and the fruits taste like it came from a canned preserves. But…the Mango Tapioca iz a BOMB as well! well, the taste were just simple but straight forward. what I love about that dessert is that it has the right amount of sweetness. Mmmm. Can my mom make that one for me? HAHA


Lunch buffet for a price of 600 Php was not that bad at all. Yes, they do only have a limited array of food selections, but for me that was just enough as compared to other buffet restos which offers overwhelming food, that will waste your time thinking which food to eat first. LOL.

J was satisfied as well. we were both happy 🙂 happy tummies again. Thank you, 7Flavors!

Visit 7Flavors at 196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City, from 10 AM to 11 PM. they also have a separated resto-bar at the first floor of their building. 🙂


Their Ramen is So Good,  I Have to Blog it Immediately

I’m currently here at the bus at EDSA,  and it’s rush hour already. I just had a short but sweet catching up with a friend over a bowl of ramen. For me to ignore the traffic,  here I am creating a new blog entry.

Yes. I just had ramen minutes ago and I’m blogging about it already, hence the title of this blogpost. Would you guess which Ramen place I’m referring to?


With great reviews and a current score of 4.9/5 at Zomato.com, I already confirmed that it’s current standing is accurate and the foodies really made a reliable review. Yes you’re right,  we just ate at Mendokoro Ramenba.

I’ve been planning to eat here ever since I heard good comments from my peers who have eaten here. And at last, it happened earlier(Thanks Ella for making it happen haha).

Order,  Pay,  Eat,  and Leave. That’s the kind of setup they have and I think it’s really cool.

Ella ordered her favorite Tantanmen while I ordered their Tokusei,  a Tsukemen for a change. Plus Gyoza 😋




Sadly,  I wasn’t able to taste my friend’s Tantanmen because I am not into spicy food as of the moment (hello Gastritis again huhu)   but she really enjoyed her bowl of ramen,  and even told me that she kept on ordering the same ramen everytime she dine here.

Well for my Tokusei,  they served me a nice soft boiled tamago and a fresh noodles which I really really love. The noodles’ texture is so on point. It is paired with a thick sauce with ground meat (not sure if it’s beef or pork) and the taste is good but kinda salty if you taste it without the noodles. I almost ordered extra rice because I got extra sauce after I finished all my noodles haha.

Plus,  it has a surprise guest..

Jaraaaaaaan!!  A big slab of chasu with perfect grill marks for elevated aesthetics LOL. 😂 Seriously,  I was surprised that I have this chunck of meat swimming in my tsukemen sauce.

Their Gyoza is great as well. Definitely one of their bestsellers 😊.

What’s great about Mendokoro is you could see how their staff prepare your food in front of you. Although I would love to see the actual preparation of “hand-pulled” noodles haha.

The restaurant can only serve 21 guests at a time so be prepared to wait if you’ll be eating here during lunch or dinner time. My friend told me that they have a lot of patrons here, patiently waiting for their turn. They often have a long queue during peak hours.  Good thing we went here early and we were able to get a seat immediately.

And as I have mentioned earlier,  you just have to order,  pay,  eat and leave. Their process flow is just simple and no frills,  making their service really fast and impressive. 

For the price range,  it’s almost the same with Ippudo and Ramen Nagi. No service charge as it is already inclusive in the menu price. They have a reasonable price for a topnotch legit ramen here in the metro.

Over all,  my first dining experience here at Mendokoro Ramenba is just WOW. Surely,  I’ll go back here to try their other ramen varieties. My score at Zomato: 4.5.

Mendokoro Ramenba is located at V.Corporate Center,  Soliman St.,  Salcedo Village,  Makati City

PS. this is my first time to blog using a WP Mobile App. I wonder how does this look after publishing. 😁


Negative Space Café x Indonyaki

It’s time for another Maginhawa Food-venture!

This is another late post LOL. It was last last last last (HAHAHA) sunday last month (HAHA) when me and my best friend from elementary had our catching up at Maginhawa St. The first plan was to go to Fairview but she saw this restaurant that is trending right now because of this:


A cute Akita!!!!

This cutie can be found at Negative Space Café. This café is located at one of the commercial buildings in Maginhawa, just in front of Crazy Katsu. It’s an Art-inspired café, so I am recommending this café to artsy people.

While waiting for our orders, we started taking photos of their interiors which is really cool. We approached Akatsuki too. Her owner, smiled at us and said that she will bring Akatsuki at our table. Yey!

But the cutie is somehow camera shy. We had a hard time taking photos of her. Aww. But that’s okay 🙂




We just ordered few things like Hazelnut Frappe for my friend and Cold ramen for me.


Hazelnut Frappe, Php 155



Beef Cold Ramen, Php 240


And played with Akatsuki!! 🙂

I also tried to practice Calligraphy but… hahaha


It was a great time at Negative Space Café! I’ll definitely go back here and try their other food listed on their menu. Also, I’m going back for Akatsuki. HEHE :3


It was LIT!



Few steps away from Negative Space Café is our next destination which is Indonyaki. I heard of Indonyaki several years back and I’ve been wanting to eat here but the queue is always long. It’s just then when we were able to eat here and we came early (me and my friend went here at around 5:30pm haha 😂).

Actually, they’re relocated just across from its original place. They are now located at the 2nd level of Building where BPI Family Savings Bank is located. They still have an al-fresco dining area but much bigger as compared from the original.


It’s dinner time!! 🙂

We ordered their Best Sellers:

Indonyaki Rice – it’s the “special” version of their Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice). Quite oily at the first look but tastes good. It’s large size is good for 2-4 persons.


Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) – I’m not really a fan of spring chicken but this is an exception. It’s toppings (idk what it is called) plus their sauce really hits the spot.


Indonyaki Lumpia – very simple and no frills lumpia but the taste is soooo good.


Their Sambal sauce is not too spicy so it’s very friendly to those who cannot tolerate spicy food but wants to add a little kick to their food.


What I love about Indonyaki is the value for money! 🙂 they do not have service charge so better to give their staff a tip because they are very friendly and polite. Also, service is fast. our food was served in not less than 10 mins 🙂

No wonder that they really do have regular patrons here, including local celebrities (There’s one yesterday beside of our table haha). Indonyaki is really a must-try at Maginhawa St. 🙂


Obligatory photo with the food XD

Finally I was able to eat here! I’ll bring my family here hehehe. This is now the one of my favorites in Maginhawa! 🙂






Trying out Soba


I’m a Noodle Fan ever since when I was a kid. One of my favorites is the Instant Pancit Canton offered by a famous brand of Instant Noodles. My mom also used to serve us Iloilo’s local La Paz Batchoy. Yummers.

When it comes to Japanese food, I am a Ramen-type of person. Ever since the Golden Era of Ramen here in Manila, I was able to eat several legit ramen in the metro. Thanks Japan for inventing Ramen! 🙂

But, Japanese is not just about ramen when it comes to noodles. I’m aware of the existence of soba and udon, but I thought of trying those some other time, until one day when a friend invited me for dinner.


Moshi Koshi was one of the restaurants who features Soba and Udon but I haven’t eaten there yet. Then Nadai Fujisoba came into the scene. The first time I saw Nadai Fujisoba was last year when they opened their branch at SM North The Block.


My friend was craving for Japanese food and since that night was his Despedida, we then went to SM Aura to have dinner. Then we went to Nadai Fujisoba. It was full at that time so we waited for couple of minutes before we get seated.

We were welcomed by one of their staff and took our orders. It took them 15 minutes (as promised) before they served our food. And then, their Manager took the opportunity to discuss their menu and she taught us also the basics about eating soba and udon. Yup. There’s a proper way to eat these noodles! I didn’t know haha. I just realized that I’m still noob when it comes to Japanese cuisine. LOL. NOW READING AT www.japan-guide.com

We ordered their Teisyoku Set so that we’ll get a lil variety of their food selections. Teisyoku Set can be a choice of a Donburi Bowl plus your choice of Kake/Mori Soba or Kake/Mori Udon.


My food: Buta Bara Kimuchidon + Mori Soba.


D’s order: Buta Bata Kimuchidon + Mori Udon



JHB’s order: Kake Soba + Gyudon

Those sets cost 250 Php each.


Kisu Ten (Tempura, 3 pcs) – 250 Php

The food that we ordered were very satisfying and made our tummies really happy. I love the tenderness of the gyudon and buta bara, and the taste was really spot on. Although the Teisyoku Set offers just a small bowl of Donburi, makes you crave for more (You know, because kanin is life LOL).

It was my first time also to eat a cold noodle. I’ve been planning to try cold ramen, so maybe getting a cold soba could satisfy my curiosity for cold noodles. And luckily, Nadai Fujisoba didn’t disappoint! The soba was cooked just right, and the cold soup is light and refreshing. Even though the dish that we ordered was just plain, I still liked its simplicity. I didn’t expect that I will love cold noodles after we’ve eaten at Nadai Fujisoba.


Nadai Fujisoba is located at GF, SM Aura Premier, BGC Taguig City. They are also located at: BGC Highstreet, SM North The Block, SM MOA, SM Megamall, and at Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo Manila.



HAPPY 2017!

I’m still not yet in the mood for blogging, so let me just share some food photos we ate last year at Sambokijin Fairview. My brother who’s working at US arrived few weeks ago and here’s his treat to us.



But wait, there’s more! Dessert time!





Matcha and Black Sesame Ice Cream


Masarap talaga pag libre. hahahaha :)))