My First Major Surgery Experience

It has been a month since I had my first ever major surgery. I’ve been to Operating room twice before but that were from two minor procedures (one was EGD on 2015, and Endocervical Polypectomy on 2018). This time was a major one but before that, I would like to walk you through with my whole experience from my first ER experience until today.

April 26, 2020 5AM. I felt an abdominal pain which lasted for few minutes while I was on my shift (I was on graveyard shift back then). I assumed that this was just one of my gastritis attack. Pain was relieved then and I was able to slept after. Upon waking up, I felt that pain again. Tried doing some relieving measures like applying warm compress and by drinking yakult. Still, the same pain persists and it even got worst around 9pm.

I tried my best not to bring myself to the nearest hospital because we were on ECQ that time, no available cab and Grab around but when I knew that the pain is not tolerable anymore, I reached out to one of my friends who had a car and asked if they could bring me to the hospital. Thank God for friends with car. LOL

I could remember my Emergency Room journey at that time: how they were so strict at the Triage Area because of the pandemic. Good thing, I didn’t had any fever at that time, and the process just went smooth because of that. At first, I was nervous because I might get the virus from the hospital, but thank God, FEU was not receiving any Covid 19 patients (even suspected cases) at that time LOL.

Flexing thy heplock LOL

The ER was quiet at that time. And that was my first visit to the new ER of FEU. Lol. I could remember our duties way back college days, when ER duty was one of the most tox-shifts we had. This time, it was kinda peaceful.

ROD attended me immediately and ordered the usual medications for abdominal pain: Esomeprazole, Ranitidine, Buscopan via IV and Gaviscon PO (eww Gaviscon, tastes like toothpaste LOL). After an hour and two, the pain still persists. I even vomited which was really weird. I felt a colicky pain that time and I asked the ROD if he could order abdominal ultrasound (o diba nagsuggest talaga ako sa doctor haha).

They brought me then to the ultrasound room, and while the tech does my ultrasound, she then called another tech and said “may stones”. Upon hearing that, I got nervous again and said to myself “sh!t, may gallstones ata ako”. They brought me up back to ER and waited for results….and tadah! Yes, I got gallstones.

The ROD told me that he would refer me to Resident Surgeon. Okay. A lot of things we’re running in my head at that time, like, how my friend would get my things at home and who will accompany me during my admission until the surgery. Anyway, did I mention that I do not have any family member with me at that time? My parents are stucked at the province, while my brothers are abroad. LOL

The resident surgeon came for consult, and she advised that they won’t be doing any surgery at that point because first, of the pandemic restrictions, second, the size of stones were small enough at that time and she told me to just monitor for any recurring pain afterwards. I can have my surgery when the situation gets better, coz if I will be having this surgery during ECQ, it will be costly as compared to the usual operation. Around 2am, the pain was relieved and I was discharged at 3am. They gave discharge instructions like diet modification and prescribed me with medications for pain.

Thank God I didn’t felt any colicky pain again, except for the gas pain that I felt when I tried to shift my usual milk to Soya Milk and Almond Milk. Plant based milk now sucks. Sad.

Fast forward to January 12, 2021.

As I went to the office, I suddenly felt an abdominal pain. I went to our clinic and asked for Buscopan. I took one, and waited for the pain to subside. Pain got even worst and I vomited after. Went back to clinic and asked if they could refer me to the nearest ER. The nurse just gave me contact number of our Maxicare Liaison officer but the number was out of reach. I decided to call Maxicare hotline myself and asked for the nearest hospital that is Maxicare accredited. They referred me to Medical Center Taguig and brought myself there.

Same routine: health declaration at the Triage area. Got confused with the Triage Nurse coz he kept on asking me if I have an Attending Urologist (nakarinig lang ng stones, urologist na agad. LOL). Got inside their ER and I was attended immediately by their ROD and a Nurse. Asked for my medical history, yadda yadda… even asked me to have PT prior receiving pain medication and I refused coz hello, wala pong chance na mabuntis ako LOL. Signed a waiver instead haha

Na-miss mo magpa-ER ghorl? Haha

Infairness, mabilis naman sila sa ER. They gave me the usual IV medications and extracted blood for some laboratory tests. Pain was relieved afterwards, but, blood chem showed elevated SGPT and SGOT levels (these are liver function tests). ROD ordered some repeat ultrasound to check for the size of my gallstones.

I was okay after, felt no pain thank God. But I was nervous by my liver function test. I scheduled an appointment for a consult and ultrasound at MHC Venice. Good thing my abdominal pain didn’t recur as the appointments at MHC was kind of hassle, but I understand because, Pandemic. LOL. Did the tests on January 19 and showed the results to a General Surgeon on January 22.

Good news, my liver is in normal shape. ALP is also normal. But, my gallbladder is already distended. Also, one of my gallstones increased its size to 1.1 cm. Doc Dave, my Surgeon, advised me to have my surgery as soon as possible. I even bargained to have it scheduled in the next two weeks but he told me that it’s not possible, my gallbladder might explode soon and can cause further damage LOL He told me that my gallbladder is already a ticking time bomb. He just consoled me by telling me that “pwede ka na magunli samgyup kahit kelan pag naalis na yung gallbladder mo” LOL DOC so comforting. Haha. He then scheduled me for Lap Cholecystectomy on January 28, 2021. Ordered me some antibiotics pre-surgery and some tests for Cardio-Pulmonary clearance, including RT PCR which is a requirement for all surgeries to be done in hospitals.

I didn’t really see this coming, I was kinda surprised but also, I am kind of expecting this to happen, but not so soon LOL. I had all the tests prior the surgery. Thank God for HMO LOL but RT PCR was not covered, good bye 5k hahaha.

January 27, 2021. After shift, I went home first and packed my stuff then went to the hospital for admission. The admission process took time as expected.

Yes, I admitted myself without any assistance haha. I brought with me some art materials and my journaling stuff just in case I got bored during my hospitalization. Luckily, the nurse inserted my heplock at my left hand haha. I was able to journal that night without any hassle. Ate few snacks until midnight in preparation for my fasting.

January 28, 2021. The big day. My surgery was rescheduled to 1PM, just right coz my friend, Osh, will be arriving at the hospital at around that same time. I just watched some shows on the cable to relax myself before the surgery. They brought me down to OR around 12:30 PM and prepped me. I had a little conversation with my Anesthesiologist and saw Doc Dave arrived at the OR and then..everything went blur.

5:30 PM. Woke up and found myself at the Recovery Room of course. I asked for a bedpan cause, no. 1 haha. Still felt groggy from that General Anesthesia. No other complaints noted. They brought me back to my room at around 7:30 PM

Hi Beshyyyyyyy. Hahahaha

Upon arrival to room, I almost shouted out of excitement when I saw my friend. LOL. The first thing I asked her was “can you please get my phone. i have to inform my family that my surgery went well.” LOL phone agad hahahahaha. We talked a lot as if nothing happened but I had a hard time laughing coz of the surgery pain. 😅😅

The patient tolerated the procedure well which lasted for 4 hours.

The surgery was not that painful, surprisingly. I even ambulated around 9:30 PM. The nurse was shocked seeing me walking around the room post surgery. But I had difficulty on coughing (this is usual post surgery caused my the ET tube inserted for General Anesthesia, not Covid, okay lol). But overall, I was fine really. Osh left the hospital around 10:30 PM and told me she’ll be back when I’m about to be discharged.

Around 11:30 PM, I had my first ever fever and I felt nauseous as well. It started when the other nurse gave me oral medications because he told me that my surgeon ordered to have me on general liquids that time. Nabigla ata tiyan ko sa tubig lol. Good thing, my nurse on duty was fast, she immediately gave me some medications for nausea and fever.

January 29. Day 1 Post Op. Still no sign of flatus. hahaha. I tried to walk outside my room so that I can pass out air out of my system and be discharged the same day lol

Early ambulation is the 🔑

Around 10 am, Doc Dave did his rounds. The usual, he asked me how am I doing and did the wound dressing.

He also discussed what happened during the surgery and why did the surgery took 4 hours instead of the usual 2 hours Lap Cholecystectomy.

My surgeon’s drawing LOL

He said that he had a hard time removing my gallbladder. First, he saw that I had a lot of adhesions, which was weird because this was my first abdominal surgery ever (only to find out that Cholecystitis can cause adhesions). Also, my gallbladder was so inflamed, he had to slow down the process of separating it from the Cystic Duct, refer to the lower part of the drawing above. He was actually a bit worried that time coz he was not sure if there were some stones dislodged at the CBD, and it was something that we need to watch out for because worst case scenario, he might do additional surgery for that complication (e.g ERCP).

He wanted me to discharge that day but I asked if I could extend another day. I was hesitant to go home without any sign of flatus, because I had a trauma from my mom’s surgery way back 2017 when she was readmitted because of her Post operative Ileus. He agreed and advised me to update him from time to time, if there are any concerns.

My diet was switched to soft diet. Yey. I can now eat real food LOL

Around afternoon, I called the Billing Department and asked for the running bill. After few hours, they gave me the copy and to my surprise, my bill was about to reach my maximum benefit limit of my Health insurance. Hahahaha. Again, I walked and walked so that my intestines could wake up LOL

January 30. Day 2 Post op. I woke up at around 5am and finally, (+) flatulence. LOL. I immediately sent an SMS to my surgeon and told him that I am confident to go home already. Totoo nga sabi ng friend ko na nakaka-utot daw yung hospital bill HAHAHAHAHA.

Still on soft diet. With strict aspiration precaution LOL

My surgeon already cleared me for discharge. Reached out to Osh and unfortunately, she wasn’t able to accompany me during the discharge process but that was okay. I just asked my nurse if I can do the process myself LOL. He said that it was okay and he will just let someone accompany me at the ground floor. So I did. O diba bongga, from admission to discharge, ako lang. HAHA #StrongIndependentWoman

My total bill was around Php 189k (almost USD 4k), My health card was maxed out, good thing Philhealth covered 31k from the total bill. My out of pocket was 28k. Not bad. I thought I would be paying more than that, but still, it was a lot. I got discharged around 1pm and got home here at QC around 2pm-ish.

Home at last. I was advised to switch my diet to DAT (Diet as Tolerated), so I tried baking some chicken breasts and potatoes. Yup, no oily foods for now!

January 31. Day 3 Post Op. Found an Easy Phamax Wheatgrass powder drink (not sponsored LOL) at my stash and decided to try it now. I got it from my MasarapBa Bag purchase months ago. And yep, it helped me 💩 . LOL. Success. That moment when you had a good 💩 LOL. But after that 💩 incident, I got really exhausted. I’m not so sure but I think that’s one effect of me adjusting to my body without the gallbladder? LOL whatever.

After I regained my energy, I went out to buy groceries and some stuff for my wound dressing. Pain scale is already at a 5 so yep, That’s how my high tolerance to pain was all about LOL

I had this friend who got her gallbladder removed as well, and she told me that her diet post surgery was really back to normal, but since I am still worried about my liver (despite normal utz result), I decided not to eat red meat, and eat only vegetables and chicken instead.

I had diarrhea which lasted only for 2 days. It was really exhausting but my surgeon told me that diarrhea was one of the adverse effects of cholecystectomy. Some patients had chronic diarrhea lol primarily those who eat fatty foods, so yeah, no more fatty foods as much as possible.

Feb 2. Day 5 post op. I already resumed working, but I temporarily worked at home. My manager allowed me to work at home while recuperating from the surgery. Actually, I can rest for couple more days but I love working, just kidding. I don’t want to take time offs that long coz I might get drowned by work stuff when I come back late lol. Anyway, most of the patients who had the same surgery as mine went back to their normal routine after few days post op.. for example, my brother haha .

Feb 5. Day 8 post op. Had my follow up consultation with Doc Dave. His initial reaction was “ayan, hindi ka nanilaw. Good job”. No yellow discoloration on my skin, so I was cleared from any complication yay. He also gave me a go signal to stop wound dressing coz my surgical site was great and no infection was noted. Advised me not to do any physical activities in one month (e.g. exercise and lifting heavy objects). Yay! I am blessed to have met Doc Dave coz he really did a great job on my surgery, and knowing that Hepato Biliary surgeries is his specialty that’s why I was in good hands. I didn’t regret that 28k out of pocket coz I realized that if my surgery was done by a normal surgeon, he/she might have opened me because of my biggie gallbladder. It was such a relief knowing that my surgeon really did his best not to do any further incision coz the recovery for that will take longer than usual.

So yep, I thank God for a smooth recovery and for giving me strength all throughout the recovery process. Also, I thank God for blessing me with good surgeon and great nurses during my whole hospitalization. I am now on a regular diet and I am really trying my best to eat healthy now. Though I had my first samgyup last feb 19. I didn’t ate a lot, don’t judge me! LOL

This blog was too long haha and if you already reached at this part, thank you! Maybe I will just create another blog to discuss some medical terminologies that I’ve mentioned in this blog. Sorry to non-medical folks for those jargons lol. You can just comment on this blog if you have any questions. Again, thank you for taking the time in reading this blog. Have a nice day!

Cheers, Yeye ❤


Sand Bar Island Beach Resort

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a fancy title for this post. This one is a super duper long overdue review of our getaway which actually happened exactly last year. Thought of making a blog post right now LOL

I am actually drooling on our throwback photos right now and it was just very timely that today, Cebu Pacific cancelled my flight to Iloilo on December. And I was planning to go back here in this resort but oh well.

So yes, last year, me and my family spent 2D1N here at Sand Bar Island Beach Resort. It was a short trip for me back then so we just decided to have a side trip only at Concepcion, Iloilo. We didn’t knew that a paradise was waiting for us at that time.

We left Banate at around 5:45 AM and we arrived at Concepcion around 7AMish. From town proper, we rode a pump boat going to the island which took us around 30 mins.

Well look at that beauty!

Sand Bar Island Beach resort is one of the many beautiful islands you can visit at Concepcion, Iloilo. Obviously, there is a long sand bar with a white sand, though the sand is not as fine as Boracay’s but who cares? The place is so nice and serene!

Upon our arrival, we were accommodated immediately by the island’s caretakers. The island offers two family rooms, and some picnic huts which I forgot how many lol. We took one family room with a cr on it while my brother got one cottage for himself coz he don’t want to sleep with us LOL.

The island offers cottages as well for the day trippers. FYI, there’s a good LTE signal at this area. This is the spot where I stay when I had to upload something at my Ig stories. Haha

By the way, since this island is somehow remote to the town proper, it is important to all visitors to bring their own food and water. Although, the island has a mini sari-sari store which you can buy basically anything

This store got some canned goods, instant noodles, softdrinks, and other snacks

Also, if you are lucky enough, there are some fishermen who offers fresh fish and other seafoods at times. During our stay there, we got some fresh crabs! The island has their dirty kitchen as well where you can cook, or have someone cook for you (just don’t forget to give them tip :p)

Their own version of dirty kitchen. They got some pans and stuff so all you have to bring are some food and condiments for cooking

As you may notice, the island’s water is so clean and clear. Also, it is considered to be inhabited by rich aquatic wildlife, which is by the way, protected by the DENR and BFAR.

Also…there are too many beach doggos!!

I really loved the simplicity of this island. Despite the scheduled availability of electricity and scarcity of fresh water, I am still digging this place. If only my flight was not cancelled, we were planning on staying here for three days and two nights. My whole family really loved this place!


And what to love about this resort? Did I say we just spent a little? Hahaha

The family room at the picnic hut costs only 3k. Amazing, right? Hahaha

Okay, this resort is not as fancy as the others, but the amenities is just right, considering that the place is not too much touched, if you know what I mean. That 3k+ was too reasonable for such a wonderful stay!

The contact number is indicated on the above receipt so the next time you paid a visit at Iloilo, maybe you can include Concepcion to your itinerary. Maybe, after Covid? Yes. Yes! 🙂


Life Update of a 32-year Old Lass

Yes, I still consider myself a young girl coz why not. LOL

It has been a while since the last time I created a blog entry. Idk but I just felt the need of making one even though I know, no one cares LOL. Anyway, so what’s up with me? Haha

Looks like blogging has not been my priority ever since I got promoted at work and I learned calligraphy and all other stuff about art. I tried to maintain it but my age doesn’t cooperate. I mean, my energy cannot handle doing a lot of stuff other than what I’ve mentioned haha. But here I am, trying my best to get back on track.

Work has been better since I started the Medical Coding academy. This was not even part of my development plan but the circumstances brought upon by Covid made me so…last August I started the review while handling a team. It was easy peasy because my manager really supported me at that time and he didn’t load me too much stuff to do so I can focus on my review. We took the certification exam last Sept 26 and waited for more than two weeks for the result.

And yes, I passed! It was a glorious moment and I couldn’t imagine getting another milestone in my life during this pandemic.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I was so happy that all of us passed the exam. I still couldn’t imagine that this happened because before academy, I had some setbacks at work but.. really, it was God’s plan after all. 😇

We’re still working at home and I’m still adjusting to my new role and new colleagues. I was transferred to a different line of business and I am now working with relatively new folks. I missed asking assistance from my friends from my previous LOB but this time, there were instances that I need to accomplish some tasks on my own. Taking it as learning experience and like what I’ve said to my deputy manager, “Challenge Accepted.” 😅

Since I was busy with work for the past months, I had this art block and I really had a hard time creating art. I signed up to some workshops hosted by one of my friends from the art community and I was glad that I was able to refresh myself most especially on watercolor painting. I hope I could paint more on the coming days 😊

I also attended a Free Chalk Lettering workshop. It has been a dream for me to make menu boards and all other related stuff hence this workshop, and yep, it was for free. Too bad I cannot afford the more extensive workshop. Hahaha

Aside from work and art stuff, I was kinda pre-occupied with Netflix. My brother shared his account to me and I started with watching Grey’s Anatomy. I was able to finish 15 seasons for one and half month hahaha. Now I’m watching The Big Bang Theory. I may say that Netflix somehow killed my art and journaling time haha.

Anyway, I just turned 32 last October 29! Nothing fancy happened on my birthday. I didn’t plan anything on my special day because idk, i just don’t feel like celebrating LOL. I just went out and prayed at the nearby church, redeemed my free cake from Starbucks, and bought some food.

But some magic happened. When I arrived home, an unknown number called and it was a Foodpanda Rider. Is it a “Sana All” moment? LOL. Someone got me food and to my surprise, it is a cake from Red Ribbon. The food panda rider even sang me a Happy Birthday LOL. I am not expecting anything from anyone and I thought of asking my friends if they did this surprise thingy since I am confident that they know my address. Haha. And yes, they did. They sent me cake because they we’re mocking me of getting free cake from Starbucks. Also, I DMed one of them that I was sad because my crush hasn’t greeted me LOL. Yes, I have sweet friends y’all. Hahaha

So what’s in it for me right now? Uhmmm nothing. I’m just focused on what I am doing right now. Just letting everything flow and I hope and pray for whatever God is in store for me.

Two months left before 2021. Not that too excited because I’m just taking things one at a time. Just cherishing the moment I have day by day.

God bless everyone!

Cheers, Yeye.


Graphika Manila 2020

Okay. So this post was super long overdue. Idk, I was not used to blogging anymore, but since it’s a holiday today, I’ll try to post this now LOL. Funny that it took me almost seven months before I decided to post this haha.

Flashback to January, when I learned that Stefan Kunz is coming for Graphika, I suddenly bought a ticket. Graphika has been in the art scene for 15 years already and it was only Stefan made me attend this event. LOL

Day 1 – February 15, 2020

I arrived just in time for the event, although there are a lot of people who are already in line. I managed to get seats at the center and had a fair view of the center stage.

Say hello to my Graphika Buddy, Nico!

Nico and I had the same reason why we attended Graphika. Hahaha. It was nice that I got a companion during this event because there are lots of people in this conference and I couldn’t afford to be a loner at that time LOL.

Day 1 lineup was great. My favorites were Kim Jung Gius and Jappy Agoncillo!

Jappy Lemon in the house!

What was nice about Graphika is I got to meet Tumblr friends! It has been so many years since the last time I saw Dexter and Nico hahaha. I was so happy to see them at the event!

Say hello to Dexternews and Smashingnico hahaha

Day 1 was a blast and I really enjoyed the talks of the guest speakers. Though my knowledge about art was limited, I still did appreciate other art genres presented by the artists.

Day 2 – February 16, 2020

It was a very early day for me and Nico as we have to attend Stefan Kunz’ workshop about How to Start and Grow Your Creative Business.

Who’s excited? 😀

It was really a surreal moment for me seeing Stefan in front of us, doing a workshop, which I really didn’t ever imagined that will happen. Stefan Kunz is one of the famous lettering artists that I really admired.

This is what we came for LOL

Learned a lot from Stefan! One of my key takeaways from his workshop is to “work on yourself, grow on yourself. Improve. Take pictures of your work.” And also, do not be afraid to make mistakes.

After the workshop, of course, photo ops!

He’s so tall hahahahaha
Yung isa dyan kilig na kilig hahahahaha

After the workshop, I and Nico had a quick lunch at Conrad then went back to the conference hall. We parted seats coz someone reserved a seat for him near the center stage. Hahaha. So I was left alone but good thing I was able to see Dexter and Nico S. again. Hehe.

Kim Jung Gius again
It’s Stefan Kunz again!
Lol at Vincent Aseo’s work 😅

There was Kuya Robert Alejandro also at day 2 line up! His works are really inspiring!:)

Day 2 was a very long day for me and Nico but we did enjoyed it. It was so tiring but worth it. This event was really one for the books! Thank you Graphika! Yayyyyyy ☺️☺️☺️

Loots from Graphika 2020

Art Bar Art Fest 2020

This post was actually a super duper late post (di pa ba kayo sanay saken? Hahaha). I am actually trying to compose myself for tomorrow’s Graphika Manila coz it’s my first time going there. Hopefully, it’ll be just another art fest where we could meet different artists and see friends along attending the same event.

January 19, 2020, I attended Art Bar’s Art Fest to support one of my inspiration from Lettering, Nico Ng and also to watch Joly Poa do her florals live.

An art event wouldn’t be complete without being reunited with friends from the art community. Also, I was able to saw some familiar faces 😁

The highlights of this fair are

1. when We randomly saw Sir @erwin_mallari and had picture with him and

2. When I finally met @nic_the_ 😂😂😂

It’s always a fun and exciting experience whenever I get to attend art fairs coz of new learnings, ideas, and inspirations from such amazing artists.

Excited for tomorrow!!!


Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Yasssss. Finally, 2019 has come to an end. This year has been the worst in my 31 years of existence. I literally lost a lot this year: friends, my-almost-a-lifetime-partner, my self-confidence, trust from the people i look up to, my sanity… I almost left my job because of stress and pressure at work. My health was compromised because of all of these things. But you know what? I’m still proud of myself that despite all the losses, I still have my faith in Him, strong and intact. I DIDN’T LOSE MY FAITH IN HIM. After all these struggles, challenges, and set-backs in life, God has made me stronger than ever..He made me an OVERCOMER. I couldn’t be here right now if not for His grace and love. Thank You, Lord! This year has been a roller coaster ride and I am still grateful for everything. Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am right now. *sniffs*wipes tears*

As we all bid goodbye to 2019, I am leaving everyone this Life Verse of mine:

“but those who HOPE in the LORD will RENEW their STRENGTH. They will SOAR ON WINGS LIKE EAGLES; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

-Isaiah 40:31

Let’s all enter the new year full of hope and trust in God knowing that He is in control of everything. We may not understand what is happening to us right know, but one thing is for sure, He has great plans in our lives. Let’s hold on to His promises 😇

Declaring 2020 a year of RESTORATION.

Blessed New Year everyone!


Confident enough to help

Hi! It’s been a while!

Few weeks ago, I decided to go back to blogging, but my lazy ass won’t let me post something here LOL. Luckily, something monumental happened to me this past week, and I couldn’t help but share my story again.

Three years ago, I donated my hair through Papelmeroti. Click the blog post HERE.

It really brought joy to my heart even though I wasn’t sure if my hair was put to use, but nonetheless, the thought of giving it to those who are in need really gave me a sense of purpose. My best friend’s mom died last year because of Lymphoma. Now, I have a close friend who’s battling with breast cancer, and she’s only 28 years old!Really, Big C sucks.

So for me, donating my hair is the least I can do for them.

Last September 3, I did it again.

It took me three years to grow back my hair this long:

After my friend’s wedding last June (I was one of the bridesmaids), I started planning on my haircut and look for a possible donor, since Papemelroti announced that they won’t be receiving hair anymore.

I stumbled upon my hs classmate’s IG story and saw that she donated her hair. She then recommended me to visit Heads Salon by Volumed. Aside from the usual salon services, they’ve partnered with Hair for Hope, an organization who takes care of hair being donated, especially through Heads.

I had my appointment done through their website. Since it was a day off for me last Sept 3, i took this opportunity to have my hair cut from there. I want to experience it first hand hihi 😅

My actual schedule was at 12NN, and I arrived at Heads Salon around 11:30 AM-ish, but their friendly staff accommodated me immediately since there were no customers at that time. I started earlier than expected. They even offered me to have tea or coffee. Such a nice gesture from them.

I requested them to cut my hair long enough to pass the required length, and leave just enough hair…not too short for my liking, unlike from my previous haircut.

“Are you ready?” , said by the stylist.

Snip. Snap. And here you go:

I grabbed it and I was kinda sad because it’s not that thick compared from the first harvest. But then again, at least, I did it.

After my haircut, a lady named Pam approached me and interviewed me a little bit about my “Confidence Story” and took photos of me. I was surprised and felt a lil bit shy haha.

Hair for Hope costs Php 400 per session. May be pricey, yes. But it was all worth it.

Again, I am not sure if my hair did passed for the donation (because hormonal imbalance), but still gonna share this blog to spread awareness. If you know someone who can donate their hair, I am encouraging them to do so. A little help goes a long way. 😌

Thank you Heads Salon and Hair for Hope for the opportunity to help. Shoutout also to Dianne who recommended Heads to me 🙂

For more details about this Hair Donation Drive, you may visit Hair for Hope’s IG account: @hairforhope.heads and Heads Salon website: https://heads.ph

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your kind heart, to help my friend Charm in her battle. You can buy her merch (Tshirt and Magnets) through her FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/charmmorales90 and please do subscribe also to her Youtube Channel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=r46ZOirY6mA no skipping of ads please 💯


One eternity later

Well I mean, one year later.

I know I almost abandoned this blog. I never thought that blogging will be removed in my system. I told myself from years ago that I will not stop blogging because it has been a part of my routine for almost 15 yrs. but oh well.

I’ve been to a LOT of things for the past year of not blogging, and there were things that I did not want to share in this blog anymore. Right now, I’m in the state where I do not know how to start again. My desire for blogging again came back but I really don’t know where and how to start.

I’m lost.


Unexpected Hiatus

Hello!! How’s everybody doin?? I missed wordpress and I missed blogging!

This is actually just an update post, so if you’re not interested with me and my life in general, you can now stop reading this. LOL.

I’ve been a lot through the previous months until now, and I couldn’t believe I got this busy in my life right now, that I forgot to blog. It’s been more than a month since the last time I blogged here and yeah, sorry for the hiatus!

So what’s up with me, eh?

Since the Inks and Colors Year 2, I’ve been active to my newest hobby which is calligraphy. And lately, I’ve been addicted to watercolor painting. It became my stress reliever, really. Whenever I get stressed from work or in life in general, I just write or paint that stress away. I’m not yet good at it but I loved the fact that how art therapy really changed my life. Check out my IG acct for more of my artworks: @eatsleepandwrite

Yes, I changed my IG handle. I also planned to change my WP username as well, but it’s not available anymore. Sad.

Next is about my carreer. From the past few months, I’ve been applying for a promotion…i failed several times but just about last month, I finally got the promotion! Thank God! Tomorrow is my third week of being a supervisor and things are just beginning to sink in. I am really grateful for God’s perfect timing and yeah, God’s promotion is still the best promotion! All glory to Him!

Last is about my health. While I struggle with my carreer, I also struggle in terms of my health condition as well. My hormones went gaga until I had this abnormal uterine bleeding, which I didn’t expect at all because though the years, my period was pretty normal and regular. Last two months, I was diagnosed with PCOS and at the same time, Endometrial Cyst (which is luckily, super duper tiny at this moment). And at the course of my consultations, my OB (which is luckily a friend also – known her from my prev job) discovered that I have a polyp and it needs to be removed.

Things has been rough but I’m okay and thriving. I’ve been referred to another OB which I knew also (same clinic I’ve worked to). She’s been struggling on how to deal with my condition because she’s considering a lot of things. For the mean time, I’ll have a minor surgery on friday and I’m a lil bit scared but yeah. That’s how it is. I know I can overcome it because God is with me.

I’ve been planning to blog few weeks ago but I got caught up with a lot of things. It became really overwhelming and I keep on telling myself to stay calm and believe that everything’s gonna be alright. I am very positive right now despite my uncomfortable status (i’m nauseous AF at the moment, maybe because of the pills i’m currently taking).

So yeah, that’s all for now. If you are reading this right now, I hope you’re doing great. Good night and God bless us all 🙂




Binondo Food Trip..for realz!!

One of my blogger friends whom I’ve known for a lot of years already just had her vacation previously here in PH. Sissy Vanny never failed to meet me everytime she goes back here in our country, so sweet of her, right? 🙂

Jump off point: Binondo Church

This time, she’s now with her hubby, Slav. They’ve been to a lot of places before we met last week. We’ve thought of a lot of ideas where to go and spend time with each other, and we ended up going to Binondo.

It was my second time to have a food crawl at Binondo, but the first one I cannot consider a food crawl coz we only ate at a single restaurant. LOL.

So here we go! We were five at that time and we literally just went randomly to places where we can eat. Our first stop: ESTERO.

They called it estero because it’s literally beside an estero/canal. Estero is very well.known for its Frog Legs. Of course, the frogs did’nt came from estero, okay? Haha.

They have a paluto style — where you can choose your ingredients and the type of cook from those ingredients.

We ordered fried frog legs, mixed seafoods, and fried rice.

The verdict: the food is so so, nothing special and grand. Maybe because, I’ve eaten frog legs before that’s why I am not surprised? But anyway, we were able to enjoy our food.

We were almost full at our first stop so we decided to walk farther and look for our next stop.

We then saw this stall which sells fried siopao.

It looks like your typical siopao haha. Not fried at all! It’s just the bottom part that’s fried but you know what? I DEFINITELY LOVED THIS ONE.

The filling is absolutely tasty!! And, it only costs Php 20 each. Super affordable!!

Third stop is at this humble restaurant which is known for their fresh lumpia.

Obviously, we just tried their lumpia. We have to spare room for other food, you know. Haha

Lumpia’s taste is just like any other fresh lumpia that I’ve eaten. The only difference is, this one has a seaweed. And also, their sauce is unlimited. Haha.

The scorching hot temperature made me craved for my favorite Eng Bee Tin’s Milk.Tea! Everyone should try this 🙂

We’re almost full but still wanted to try some other food. Lol. Our last stop is at Dong Bei Dumplings.

Dumplings is one of my favorite dimsum, that’s why I am so happy that we were able to eat here at Dong Bei.

We just ordered their Kuchai and Pork Dumplings. As expected, their dumplings are so good! The only issue I had is the soggy wrapper but that’s fine.

Over all, we enjoyed our Binondo food trip! If only we have a lot of space in our stomachs, we would eat at some other reastaurants. There’s still a lot!

Thank you Sissy Vanny for this epic Binondo Foodtrip!! And to Slav who’s very patient and on the go, kudos to you 🙂