Classic Beer Batter Fish and Chips

It’s my very first time to cook Fish and Chips.  I’ve been looking forward to the day that I’ll cook this dish. Last month,  I thought of cooking this for my birthday but a lot of mishaps happened (LOL) so it’s just today that I made some good òl Classic Fish and Chips.

I got the recipe from allrecipes.com

But first,  I prepared my Tartar sauce. Just mayo,  pickles,  and lemon.

And then the potatoes for the fries. We don’t have large potatoes so it look’s like shoestring potatoes hahaha.

And then the batter.

Combine 1cup pf flour, salt and pepper, paprika and garlic powder (not available). Whisk in egg and gradually add beer

It’s my first time to use beer on my dish!!  🍻 cheers!

I prepared my fish. We don’t have cod so I’m using cream dory (Pangasius hypophthalmus)   instead.

And…. Tadaaaaa!!!

I don’t think I nailed it,  but flavorwise,  it was good. My mom doesn’t have any complaints on it. And she loved my beer battered fries hahah

I’m happy with the result of my dish. Hihi.

P. S.  The evidence that my mom loved my fries:


Shut Up and Kiss Me

Yesterday as I went back to office from a one week leave (VL plus LWOP combined),  I was surprised by a magical email: I got my Bravo!  points from the last quarter! 

Bravo! is one of the rewards systems given by our company to the top performers of each team.  I already accumulated a hefty amount of points so I thought of redeeming some gifts to save money. Haha. 

So I got Sodexo GC’s and some eGift Cards. One of the eGiftCard that I got is from Happy Skin. 

Gamit na yan. Wag kayong ano haha

My colleague introduced Happy Skin Matte Lipstick to me earlier this year,  and I got to try it and I suddenly fell in love with it. But Happy Skin Lippies are somehow pricey compared to other matte lipsticks,  so I wasn’t that interested.  I’m not a make-up enthusiast to begin with LOL. 

I was so happy that Happy Skin is included on our Bravo!  system haha. Imagine,  I got a eGift Card worth 1000php for only 530 points. Such a steal! 

So earlier,  I went to Happy Skin Trinoma Branch to check some lippies. 

Happy Skin Trinoma Branch

Their sales ladies approached me and offered their products. They assisted me very well so thank you! 

I’m not sure how to swatch properly 😂

I tried to swatch some of their lipstick combos. I am not really sure if I’m doing the right thing haha. This is my first time to buy lippies!!  Oh wait,  second time pala. Una eh Revlon. Pero walang swatch swatch non Haha.

I got the IT Girl and Heartbreaker Combo (first and second swatches).  It can be combined and it will result to that shade on the third swatch. Oh wait,  I did not blend it properly haha.  😂

I got this set for only Php 1,099. By the way,  each matte lipstick from their Shut Up and Kiss Me Collection is worth Php 649-699. 

Here’s the IT girl on my lips:

Sorry malabo haha

Finally,  I got my fave lippies without hurting my pocket hihi. 

Visit http://www.happyskincosmetics.com for more details. 

p. s.  This is not a sponsored post.  Haha


Traditional Italian Carbonara

Since my mom is on a soft diet,  I’ve been looking for some recipes for me to cook for her. She’s been eating a lot of porridge since we were at the hospital. That’s sad,  right? 

Her doctor allowed her to eat pasta,  but with a light sauce on it. Creamy pasta sauces are big no no. So i thought of cooking a traditional Carbonara instead of pinoy style creamy carbonara. 

This is my first time, actually.  I’m afraid that I’ll fail at this one. 

Thanks allrecipes.com for the inspiration! 


  • 360 grams pasta,  cooked according to package directions. (I’m using Angel Hair Pasta) 
  • 200 grams chopped panchetta/bacon
  • 2 whole eggs and 1 egg yolk
  • 80 grams parmigiano or pecorino cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste. 

I’ve read some comments that a true Italian Carbonara uses Panchetta. But since Panchetta is rare here at our country (plus, it’s expensive yo!),  I’m using a bacon instead. 

I only have grated parmesan cheese bought at the local grocery haha. 

So let’s get started! 


  1. Cook your pasta according to package directions.  Save some pasta water, if needed. Note that do not overcook pasta as it will be cooked again later on. Set aside. 
  2. In a pan,  toast some bacon for garnish.  Set aside. 
  3. Throw in remaining bacon,  cook for about a minute. Add olive oil then throw in cooked pasta. Toss for about a minute.
  4. In a large bowl,  whisk in eggs,  salt,  and grated cheese.  Add in cooked pasta then toss until thoroughly mixed.  Add pepper. 
  5. Serve in a plate topped with toasted bacon and cheese. 



First time at BDJ Launch Weekend

Few weeks ago while contemplating on how I will spend my “birth month”, I suddenly saw some several posts from BDJ’s Ig account. At first,  I just scanned through those until I saw a post stating that they are offering Calligraphy Workshop.

It caught my attention because I’ve been looking for a Calligraphy workshop. I got interested with it months ago,  but lost the drive because I didn’t know the basics and,  I’m too lazy to watch Youtube Videos related to this craft. Haha. 

Lo and behold,  upon logging in to our office computer,  I immediately opened my account at ilovebdj, ordered a workshop pass, then poof! 

Actually,  I’ve never been into workshops like these. I am hesitant to shell out some moolah for this kind of stuff, you know. But since,  it’s my “Birth Month”, I just pursued and considered this as a gift for myself. 🙂

Fast forward to the special day:

Day 1 – October 21, 2017

Since my workshop starts at 1PM, I left our house at around 10:30 AM.  Luckily,  I was able to arrive at 12NN, earlier than expected. So I went straight to the venue,  and I almost got lost!  It’s been a while since I visited EDSA Shangrila Mall. 

I was overwhelmed with the crowd!  Haha

I immediately went to registration area to get my stuff and roamed around the venue while waiting for my workshop to start. 

Day 1 Potato Corner loot 🙂

Fruit tea by Basilur. Tastes good!

The venue is quite cramped though. But it’s fine with me. 

Take a pose with your favorite brand! Paying homage to Goldilocks! Haha

While I’m enjoying the free snacks, I took a glance at the Talk area,  and actually,  if you’re strong enough to just stand at the side,  you can actually get to listen to talks for free. Haha. 

Each of their Guru Talks costs 100 Php

There’s also a spot called “Pin Your Dreams” wherein you can write your dreams on a piece of paper and post in on their wall.

I’m not creative but atleast I tried 😂

CALLIGRAPHY 101 by Miss Leah Ang

Few minutes before 1PM,  I went to the Workshop area to get a good seat. The organizers welcomed me and gave me this workshop kit:

Which contains some stuff from their sponsors (I’ll show you later)  and some art materials needed for the workshop. 

A clipboard with practice sheets, calligraphy pens, stickers, etc..

The level of my excitement increased as I saw these babies because SA WAKAS,  LEGIT CALLIGRAPHY TOOLS.  hahaha

Miss Leah Ang of @calligraphylovemnl and Admin of CalligrafriendsPH

We started of with basic strokes. I was amazed because I really have little idea about calligraphy.  And then those basic strokes were like, “SO BASIIIIIC! ” hahaha yeah ikr! 

May kasama pang nginig yan haha jusko.

I was able to follow a bit, but my hand doesn’t seem to cooperate. Anyway, as Miss Leah said,  practice practice practice.

My favorite part was the color blending part

Pagbigyan, Day 1 ko pa lang hahq

Expectations vs Reality LOL

Miss Leah gave each of us participants a fansign,  err names made by her. She said that it took her almost 30mins per name. What a great effort!! 

Seriously,  I had so much fun from this workshop. By the way,  here’s a group photo that I got from BDJ’s Ig account:

Follow miss Leah at @calligraphylovemnl and if you’re interested with Calligraphy,  you can join CalligrafriendsPH group. 🙂

DAY 2 – Oct 22, 2017

We got into an emergency last sunday midnight so I had a little sleep before I went to the event. 

Day two was dedicated for Design Your Dreamboard and Brush Calligraphy Workshop. But before anything else,  i grabbed again some snacks. 

Day 2 Potato Corner loot. 

While roaming around,  I suddenly bumped into this girl

Hello Valerie!!

She’s so nice and friendly!  We had a short pep talk about Taiwan adventures; well,  that’s the initial topic I had in mind when I saw her. Hahaha. Her FB videos are our inspirations when we went to Taiwan. Hihi. 

Day two was not jam packed as compared to yesterday,  so I took the chance to take a photo from their Photo booth.

Also,  I went to Design Your Feather Bookmark Booth while killing time. 

I was not prepared for this actually. LOL

Here’s the finished product: 

I told yah! I’m not prepared haha

I was not able to take a photo of it during the event so there. 


I knew some friends who actually make their own dreamboards. The first time I had my BDJ Planner,  I wasn’t able to make one. 

It’s nice that they have this booth,  and offers a lot of stuff like art materials,  magazines,  and some cool stickers. 

I was not able to finish on time but here’s my dreamboard. Try to not laugh 😂

I put Solenn and Nico because Nico is actually Husband Goals hahaha


So yes,  I added another workshop,  a calligraphy workshop again. 

Got another workshop kit aaaandd….. Yay for the Sharpies!!!

I thought it will be kinda different from yesterday’s worskhop, like it will be some sort of a watercolor calligraphy.

Sadly,  it’s not. 

It’s just another basic calligraphy, but I still listened. Lol. Anyway,  the other participants were newbies like me,  and I was able to share what I learned from yesterday’s workshop. 🙂

I practiced my strokes and lettering while the speaker assisted the other participants. 

After the workshop,  I went to their Crafts booth and bought these babies:

I hope my drive to do calligraphy will not cease. LOL

Before I left the venue,  off to my 3rd and 4th Potato Corner. A participant yesterday gave her day 2 fries,  and someone from the Design Your Dreamboard booth gave us also another stub. Hahaha. 

Potato Corner is our all time favorite,  right?  😀

I also got a cotton candy sponsored by Wacoal and some drinks and yogurt. No photos though. 

Got two!

These stuff are from event sponsors. Thank you!

I really did enjoyed my first time experience at the BDJ Launch Weekend. Aside from all the loots and giveaways that I got,  the most valuable part was I got to talk with the other bellas. I admit that I am a shy type of person (well, kinda),  but this time I braved myself and went to the event all by myself! 

Got to meet some bellas who are regulars of this kind of event. I am so happy that I  was able to laugh and share my smiles to them. 

And I felt girly girly after the event. Hahahaha

Thank you so much Belle De Jour and Viviamo!Inc for making this event happen! 

Thank you also for all the sponsors 🙂

I’m excited to get my 2018 BDJ Planner! 


Series of unfortunate events. 

Yesterday,  I asked my Supervisor if I can do slide shift since I will be coming from the hospital before going to work. My mom was re-admitted again,  and I and Pops take turns as a patient watcher. 

So earlier this morning,  I left the hospital at around 6AM. I advised my sup that I’ll be on a 10-7 schedule,  just to be sure because per my experience, commuting at EDSA during rush hour is very unpredictable. I used to work on a 6am to 3pm shift, and I do not have problems with that schedule. 

Below are screenshots of my IG stories, which I did initially for baseline purposes,  but…  

Let the screenies do the talking:

Sorry for cursing.

This was actually a video while walking southbound

I tried Grab as well, no one picked me up

I was able to ride a bus at Guadalupe. 

Awww yisss

Now you know where I work. Lol

It took me 2 hrs and 30 mins. 

I was able to arrive work earlier than promised,  so I just took the opportunity to eat before I started working. But… 

Di naman ako maselan, pero binalik ko pa rin haha

And who/what to blame for all of these? 


It has been ages since I tried to commute during morning rush. Well,  per my observation, the TAT at North Ave Station is quicker compared before. The queue system was organized. I commend the guards for that. 

I pitied myself as I walk around EDSA. I almost gave up going to work. As I rode the UV express,  I had a mini melt down.  I felt helpless. But I’m okay now. 

Murphy’s Law? No problem! 

Good thing I was able to receive a good news regarding last quarter’s metrics. And also,  I was able to catch up with E and @theboywhocriedbooks at Tim’s earlier.

Hay. What a Monday. 


Not fond of eating Oat meal 

I am not a picky eater but to be honest,  I am not fond of eating oat meal. I’d only eat it if it is in a form of a cookie. Haha. 

Last week,  I discovered a way on how to enjoy your oat meal by preparing overnight oats plus adding yogurt and fresh fruits. Lazy me,  I bought a flavored yogurt instead but it works!  🙂

But I’m not used to eat something sweet for my breakfast. 

One time,  I saw my colleague preparing his meal. I smelled a garlic aroma. 

Credits to the owner.

I suddenly got an idea! 

After our lunch,  I immediately searched for an Oats Caldo Recipe and I stumbled at http://www.goldenoatsplus.com 

(for some reasons,  I cannot copy the actual link. Just type “oats caldo recipe” and google will show it on top search) 

Anyway,  it’s just like cooking  the usual arroz caldo, but this time,  the star of the dish is the oat meal. 

I’m happy with the result. 🙂

It’s like eating your favorite childhood comfort food, healthier than ever. ❤

I think rolled oats will be my best buddy for the next few weeks. Wag sana ako mag-sawa!  Hahaha


Happy Anniversary! 

Last Friday was our team’s 3rd year Anniversary. I couldn’t believe we will get this far. From the original 15 frontliners and now we’re down to 6. But good thing we still manage to get awesome new colleagues in every atrition. Isn’t that great? !  🙂

We went to Frankie’s to celebrate together with some of our ex-colleagues. Also,  it’s E’s birthday!!  

Here’s a photo spam of what we ate:

Wings City: Smokey Bbq, Nagoya Tebasaki, and Garlic Parmesan

Cheezy bacon wings


Fish and chips


Mozarella Sticks

They also have desserts like cheesecakes. 🙂

We’re fortunate enough to get tables at their al. Fresco dining area. Kudos to their staff who were very patient and helpful to us big group. Haha! 

Happy Anniversary!!